The Shirakaba House is a Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian & Shibui inspired home in West Michigan. It sits on over 10 acres of forested property and prominent paper birch trees.

The home is available for film/photoshoots on a limited basis. If you're interested in renting the space long-term (artist retreat, writers getaway, etc.) we are happy to discuss. Please send an email to inquire.
Once you make it down the hill and over the trickling Neith Creek, The Shirakaba House comes into full view.  The environment gives a sense of living outside of time and space.
Stone, light & wood.
The living room bodes windows on all sides, with the largest facing east for sunrise. An original dining table made by the architect is tucked against the east wall for forest views. A decadent skylight system built for ample lighting and passive solar is the star. While the south porch overlooks the white paper birch trees with an intricate overhang.
The Shirakaba House sits on 10 acres of forested land that features white paper birch trees, hidden stone gardens and lush moss. In the back of the property, Cairo Trail takes you through to a pine forest, overlooking the cows near the surrounding farm. There are plenty of little hidden spots still to discover, (and lot’s of opportunity for mushroom hunting).
The library is a secondary living room parallel to the Den. With windows for gazing north along the property to the creek. The original concept when the home was built centered around plentiful shelving systems filled with books. Behind this space offers viewing into the courtyard and The Studio. Wooden clad hallways to and from the room offer wooded views in every direction.
The hallway to the bedroom features another long wooden clad hallway that gently raises up towards the main sleeping quarters. The bed and windows face east for sunrise, with a built in bench for solitude mornings. The walkout porch wraps around the house to the courtyard and studio.
The studio is a separate dwelling that overlooks the home. Tucked away alongside the trees, the balcony gives a bird’s eye view of the house and its surroundings. Perfect to watch the sunset on a warm summer evening while the record player sounds.
Ready to work together? Tell us more.
Ready to work together? Tell us more.